Control Systems for Heating & Air conditioning and EMS Services

With more than 45 years of experience, STUHL REGELSYSTEME is your partner when it comes to controlling heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems. Our manufacturing also enables our customers to provide excellent EMS solutions according to their own requirements.

Controlling the indoor climate

From thermostats to ventilation controllers to climate computers

We manufacture both
hight-tech control devices as well as individual solutions
for OEM customers.
100% made in Germany since more than 45 years.

Electronic Manufacturing Services

PCB manufacturing with SMD and THT assembly

EMS Services

We manufacture both individual solutions for OEMs and series components for industrial electronics.

From the idea to prototypes to series production.

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Room ventilation for classrooms and offices

Besides CO2 reduction, virus reduction,

e.g. Corona, becomes increasingly important.

Indoor air quality has been neglected for decades. In 2020, the rapid and worldwide spread of the Covid-19 pandemic brought the focus back to the importance of this issue. Our products are perfectly tuned to keep CO2 levels, as well as virus levels, to a minimum to provide an optimal environment.

The right partner for
building services companies

For years we have been working with OEM partners and
building services companies side by side.

100% Made in

own development & manufacturing

ISO 9001